The 9 Best Locksmiths in Brisbane to Unlock Any Situation

August 12, 2019
8 Best Locksmiths in Brisbane

Got keys that need to be duplicated for your other family members? Naturally, one would call a locksmith right away and that would be the best thing to do. Aside from key duplication, locksmiths can practically do a lot more than that. They are also trained to repair locks and safes, as well as tinker with your security systems at home or office building. In Brisbane, there are a lot of locksmiths who are reliable and efficient. What are the top locksmith companies in the area?

1.   Locksmith North Brisbane

Best Locksmiths Brisbane | Locksmith North Brisbane

BEST FOR Emergency locksmith services
SERVICES/SCOPE Automotive, residential and commercial locksmith needs
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE http://locksmithnorthbrisbane.com/
ADDRESS Delan Street Chermside West QLD 4032
CONTACT service@locksmithnorthbrisbane.com

For over 8 years, Locksmith North Brisbane has been servicing the area. Headed by Stephen Johnston, he has a team of experienced locksmiths who is up for any unlocking challenge within homes and commercial areas. Their locksmith service rates are considered reasonable and they have a long list of clients who gained their trust through the years.

2.   Amalgamated Locksmiths

Best Locksmiths Brisbane | Amalgamated Locksmiths

BEST FOR 24 hour locksmith services
SERVICES/SCOPE Automotive, commercial and residential locksmith services
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE https://www.amalgamatedlocksmiths.net/
ADDRESS 108 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead, Brisbane QLD 4006
CONTACT sales@amalgamatedlocksmiths.net

Established in 1981, this company is famous for its top-quality and efficient locksmith services in Brisbane. Aside from the conventional locksmith services, they have the latest technology to fix restricted key data software. Their team of professionals can also cut the latest Ford and Commodore keys to code. Amalgamated Locksmiths are equipped with mobile service vehicles so that they deliver efficiently to various clients in Brisbane.

3.   24 Seven Master Locksmiths

Best Locksmiths Brisbane | 24 Seven Master Locksmiths

BEST FOR 24/7 locksmith services
SERVICES/SCOPE Lock repair, safe opening, lock installation
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE http://masterlocksmith.com.au/
ADDRESS Red Hill QLD, Australia
CONTACT 1300005575

Since 2005, 24 Seven Master Locksmiths have been providing quality services to the southern area of Brisbane. They have experienced and skilled workers who make sure your key is duplicated or locks repaired well for safety purposes. The company is also fully insured in rendering services to different clients in Brisbane area.

4.   Southbank Locksmiths

Best Locksmiths Brisbane | Southbank Locksmiths

BEST FOR Emergency locksmith services
SERVICES/SCOPE Automotive key repair, safe opening,
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE http://www.southbanklocksmiths.com/
ADDRESS 79 Vulture Street, West End, 4101 QLD
CONTACT sales@southbanklocksmiths.com

Southbank Locksmiths have over 35 years of experience in the security industry. They are also equipped with the latest technology with regards to security systems. The company has skilled and trusted locksmiths who take care of repairing locks, safes, alarms and keys. Aside from servicing Brisbane, they also help out clients in the other parts of Australia.

5.   John Barnes Locksmith

Best Locksmiths Brisbane | John Barnes Locksmith

BEST FOR 24/7 Mobile locksmith services
SERVICES/SCOPE Residential, commercial and government locksmith services
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE https://www.johnbarnesqld.com.au/
ADDRESS 1/211 Evans Rd, Salisbury QLD 4107, Australia
CONTACT barneslocks@barnesqld.com.au

In 1966, John Barnes Locksmith was established with merely 2 staff members initially. Today, there are more than 70 employees offering quality locksmith services in Brisbane. They do not only serve residential clients, but commercial and government servants as well. The company specializes in 24/7 mobile locksmith services in which clients love for their efficiency and fast-acting response to emergencies.

6.   TopLock

Best Locksmiths Brisbane | TopLock

BEST FOR Home and commercial security solutions
SERVICES/SCOPE Lock repair, safe opening, key management
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE http://www.toplock.com/
ADDRESS 185 Days Road, Grange QLD 4051
CONTACT lock@toplock.com

Founded in 1983, TopLock has successfully been providing quality services for various clients around Brisbane. They have a 24/7 service availability and respond quickly to emergency calls within the area. The company has the latest technology in unlocking security systems, as well as performing the conventional locksmith services.

7.   Access Locksmiths

Best Locksmiths Brisbane | Access Locksmiths

BEST FOR Residential and commercial locksmith services
SERVICES/SCOPE Safe opening, key duplication, lock repair
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE https://www.locksmith.id.au/
ADDRESS PO Box 1600, Toombul QLD 4012
CONTACT sales@locksmith.id.au

Prompt and reliable, Access Locksmiths are one of the best companies in Brisbane. For many years, they have repaired safes, duplicated keys and installed locks for many clients. They do not have hidden fees and are reasonable when giving a quote. They have experienced and skilled individuals who make sure your security system at home is functioning well.

8.   Pro Locksmith

Best Locksmiths Brisbane | Pro Locksmith

BEST FOR Residential locksmith services
SERVICES/SCOPE CCTV repair, safe opening, lock installation
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE https://www.prolocksmithbrisbane.com.au/
ADDRESS 2/165 Baroona Road, Paddington
CONTACT info@prolocksmithbrisbane.com.au

If you are looking for a reliable locksmith in Brisbane area, check out Pro Locksmiths Brisbane today. They have well-trained and experienced employees who can unlock any situation whether at home or office. They specialize in lock repairs and installations, safe opening, and even do automotive locksmith services. No job is too big or small for them and an added plus is that they respond well to emergency calls.

9.   Lock2Lock Locksmiths

LOCK2LOCK LOCKSMITHS - The Best Locksmiths in Brisbane

BEST FOR Local and trusted Brisbane locksmith with over 15 years of experience
  • Residential Locksmith services
  • Commercial Locksmith services
  • Safe
  • Masterkey Systems
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE http://lock2lock.com.au/
CONTACT 0406332554

Lock2Lock Locksmiths are setup as mobile locksmiths, equipped with a workshop onboard each van to quickly respond through their 24 hr emergency service. They serve all suburbs across Brisbane from north to south as well as the Brisbane CBD. Their staff also carry current Security Licenses with a 30 minute response time. To date, they have almost 8,000 houses secured.

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