The 9 Best Locksmiths in Hong Kong to Unlock Any Situation

September 4, 2019
Best Locksmiths Hong Kong

Having locks keep our homes and belongings safe. Locks may vary ranging from basic types to electronic ones. But things don’t usually go as expected, there are locks that get busted and won’t open. Locksmiths are the experts of this craft. They are highly trained individuals who can repair, unlock and replace locks in no time. Hong Kong is known to have brilliant people who provide efficient locksmith services. Aside from being quick and professional about the process, rates are not that bad. Here are the top locksmiths spread around Hong Kong.

1.   Mr. Locksmith

Best Locksmiths Hong Kong | Mr Locksmith

BEST FOR emergency locksmith services
SERVICES/SCOPE Door locks, lock replacements, safe repairs
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE https://24hr-locksmith.com.hk/en/contact/#
ADDRESS A1, 6/F, 33Hung To Road, Kwun Tong
CONTACT 68880000; mr.locksmith@hotmail.com

 This company is known for fast and efficient locksmith services. Mr. Locksmith has a team of skilled and hardworking employees who are respectful and respond quickly especially to emergency calls. Aside from purely unlocking, they also replace and repair keys as needed by different clients in the Hong Kong area. They serve residential and commercial spaces and can even tinker on keyless entry systems when these malfunction.

2.   Master Key Services Limited

Best Locksmiths Hong Kong | MKS

BEST FOR Emergency locksmith services
SERVICES/SCOPE Front door locks, safes, deposit boxes
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE http://www.masterkey.com.hk/en
ADDRESS 4/F, Qualipak Tower, 122 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
CONTACT 8100 0388; cs@masterkey.com.hk

 Serving the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories, Master Key Service Ltd. is one of the most sought after company when it comes to locksmith expertise. They have professionals who also do lock repairs, electrical work and even plumbing. The employees work efficiently as a team and are known to be very friendly to customers. They operate 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.

3.   The PLC Group

BEST FOR Technical support on electronic locks
SERVICES/SCOPE Security locks, lighting support
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE http://www.plc.com.hk/eng/
ADDRESS Shop C, G/F, 210 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
CONTACT +852 2519 6275 / 6822 2155

 The PLC Group is known for its quality local lock products and technical support as well. They have professionals who serve the majority of the Hong Kong region. Aside from ordinary locks, they also do mechanical and electronic security such as the biometrics solutions. Since 1993, the PLC Group has been one of the top leaders in the business and continues to do so at present.

4.   Mr. Li

Best Locksmiths Hong Kong | Mr Li

BEST FOR Changing and maintaining locks
SERVICES/SCOPE Locksmith services
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE https://leeopenlock.business.site/
San Po Kong
Yanqing Street 1
CONTACT 5545 7237

 Mr. Li Locksmith Services is a member of the Hong Kong Locksmiths Association. The company provides professional unlocking services to most parts of the country. They are equipped with hardworking and experienced workers who take care of changing and maintaining locks of all types. They can be reached out by their contact information and a prompt response is always expected.

5.   Tak Kee Locksmith

Best Locksmiths Hong Kong | Tak Kee Locksmith

BEST FOR Intelligent electronic unlocking services
SERVICES/SCOPE Door locks, key locks, safes, electronic lock maintenance
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE https://www.tak-kee.hk/
ADDRESS Shop 6A, G/F, Kin Yip Building, 24 Java Road, North Point.
CONTACT 6202 3322

 Tak Kee Locksmith is a member of the Hong Kong Locksmiths Association and has established its name for many years. Their team of skilled individuals have an immense experience in lock engineering making them masters of the craft. They are available for 24 hours and do not demand for unreasonable fees.

6.   Cheung Fat Key

Best Locksmiths Hong Kong | Cheung Fat Key

BEST FOR Automotive and commercial locksmith services
SERVICES/SCOPE Automotive remote control and transponder keys, commercial keys, door locks, gate locks
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE https://www.cheungfatkey.com/english
ADDRESS 61A, Shandong Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
CONTACT +852 9057 0984

 Cheung Fat Automotive Transponder Key Specialist was founded in the latter part of 1970. They have skilled professionals who offer 24/7 locksmith services for automotives, domestic and commercial places. They mainly serve the Mong Kok area but other locals in Hong Kong also seek for their expertise on unlocking different types of locks.

7.   On Sum Locksmith

Best Locksmiths Hong Kong | On Sum

BEST FOR 24 hour emergency door unlocking services
SERVICES/SCOPE Door locks, office access control systems, iron locks
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE https://www.onsumlock.com/
ADDRESS Hong Kong, Kwun Tong, 利寶時中心、觀塘開源道50號6樓2室
CONTACT 52227111

 This company has skilled and patient locksmiths who serve Sai Kung, Yau Tong, Sai Wan Ho, Quarry Bay, North Point and more. They are popular for their 24-hour service availability every single day. The rates are straightforward with no hidden costs. Employees of this company are reliable and respond right away when need arises.

8.   So Kee Locksmith

Best Locksmiths Hong Kong | So Kee

BEST FOR Unlocking services for safes, clamp locks, steel gates
SERVICES/SCOPE Unlocking and repairs
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE http://sokeelock.com/
ADDRESS Hong Kong, Hung Hom, Cooke St, 25號電梯17/F A室 Kui Ga Court
CONTACT +852 9888 0477

 This company is known for its 24 service availability and reasonable rates in Hong Kong. The employees of Su Ji are well-trained, fair-mannered and hardworking so any type of locksmith service can be delivered right away. The company has been in the business for several years and is sought after not only by the locals, but by foreigners and expats as well.

9.   247 Locksmith

247 Locksmith - The Best Locksmiths in Hongkong

BEST FOR Unlocking services for doors and cars
SERVICES/SCOPE Unlocking, change of locks, installing iron gates, installing anti-theft chains, adding additional locks, etc.
PRICING Request quote through website or contact information
WEBSITE http://www.247locksmith.com.hk/
ADDRESS Room 07, R Building, Kam Tin Industrial Building, 135 Connaught Road West, Western District , Hong Kong
CONTACT Phone – 68886247
Whatsapp – 68886247

 247 Locksmith offers emergency unlocking services for many locks including American door locks, European door locks, tiger locks, door bead locks, electronic locks, cabinet locks, iron locks, file cabinet locks, padlocks, clips, and more. They also use unlocking tools that don’t damage house or car doors. Some of the vehicles they service are private cars, small vans, large trucks, container trucks, and more, with brands such as BMW, Pingzhi, Eddie, Fushi, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, and Nissan.

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